Sunday, December 19, 2004

Welcome to my weblog

As much as political correctness sucks – it is a necessary evil.

Today’s political correctness is far more than just excluding a set of offensive words, slurs and phrases from spoken words.

It is like waking a tight rope – a balancing act – for both the parties actually. Sometimes you complement somebody and think back – “did I over complement her?” – see this is how the society is! It is not self-doubt – it is a symptom of an overly sissified society!

Sometimes the complements are exchanged in exact pre decided phrases – like two computers are exchanging streams of zeros and ones – a map of emotion is exchanged instead of the real emotions –nothing gets across because nothing was supposed to cross a line.

The overcautious attempts not to offend so much hinders with speaking my mind that the words feel lacking the effect – the punch!

Got to live with it, in my day-to-day interaction, my being wrong may be lesser harmful than my being politically incorrect.

This happens to be my first post and political correctness is not part of the agenda here!

Enjoy! :)