Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Let it shine for a change, please!

Are you pretending to feel good these days? Are you also trying to align your happiness clock with that of the rest of the world? Well, we are not alone!

There is one good thing about Christmas – it comes in the middle of the winter. It divides the annoyance, the wind chill and gloominess into two halves – its snowing … let it snow … its snowing again! The happy ‘let it snow’ part is where we are supposed to enjoy or feel good for no other reason than it’s the last week of December. Its that time of the year, you know, just be happy! – Many pretend, so does yours faithfully.

So, what do you mean by ‘Let it snow’ … no seriously – are you trying to say that you could have chosen to rather command ‘Let it shine’ but you didn’t just because show feels as much fuNNH!? What are you on – Prozac!!

If it does not snow where you live, you are blessed and you can put on rather easily. Luckily, it does not snow where I live but I am one of those certifiable downers when it comes to celebrate on others’ schedule and birthdays! Issues, Need Help, Non-conformist Not by Choice!

Have you noticed, the mean people around you, the people you dislike most act smoothest around Christmas and you brace yourself for their next balancing act come New year! Ho, Ho, Ho – pun well intended.

Zen thought of the season – “This too shell pass!”

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