Sunday, December 19, 2004

Stupid sex clips and media frenzy

Indian news papers are a little too verbose these days about a small sex scandal gone big – well on western standards it is not exactly a scandal, its more of a teenager couple’s kinky adventure rides gone wrong.

These 15-16 years old DPS, New Delhi students had recorded their act on the cell phone cam and after their break up the pissed boy distributed a 2 min 37 sec clip to his schoolmates. Eventually the clip was on the Internet, thanks to the amplification power of the world wide web – An IIT student got caught distributing it further on the local eBay undertaking and the CEO of got arrested. IITian was rusticated/suspended and the boy got arrested today. Girl has fled the nation. Cell phones are banned in the school premises.

My take on the news:

Indians are everything but pragmatic. Teenagers are considered kids – literally.
This news will finally break the ice –hopefully!

The reality remains that being a student in India is like getting your meek existence boiled in a pressure cooker – the competition, family pressure for academic achievements is immense – the students in the story are from wealthy families – the middle class students cannot even fathom the thought of having sex like that.

Indian teens are developing their sexual identity and they are defining their needs exactly the way teens did it in western world – rebelliously! There is no other way to do it simply because society does not believe in recognizing any issues unless its right in their face – they don’t want to address any issues – their denial is their answer!

Indian media’s reaction was so immature – they could have taken this opportunity to start a dialog in the society or they could have ignored the episode gracefully. Neither of the two happened. What a shame!

India, a sex deprived society of 1Bn is in a constant fight with its inhibitions. The teenager boy reacted the way he did because Indian male is not taught how to take a break up gracefully.

Even for two adults In India even getting involved in a consensual sex act is considered immoral and it causes stigma. Every erotica is sleaze and lust is sin. As ridiculous as it sounds – its true! This news came as a bold statement – may be not in the right tone but it is a bold statement nonetheless.

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