Sunday, June 05, 2005

Iran-Pak-India gas pipeline project - KEEP OUT USA!

Damn, I am confused – I don’t want to be happy yet – this cannot be true, I love this pessimism – I am comfortable settled in it! Right now in the pants of my mind, “what the heck” is reaching the levels of “what the F&$*”!! What is going on really?

Wait a min! … Are our politicians brewing the perfect recipe for unrest in the region again? Are India and Pak serious? REALLY talking about our national interests without America’s consent? Wow, are there symptoms of us hitting our diplomatic age of puberty? Un-‘F’-ING-believable! This cannot be true!!

USA Inc., the control freak it is, wants its share in everything traded on the globe. Either some American corporate has to be involved via its technology or services or products or some other form of making money. Any trade any level –period.

America is especially interested in Energy, Banking and Conglomerates. Weapons? Hmm – we don’t trade them in malls – right. On a bigger army level –that’s on the top of the list!

How can a $4bn ENERGY deal go in Asia without the consent and Involvement of USA!

Ideally how this should have been done? Les see - After Iraq, USA would attack Iran (on the basis of same ‘old WMD bullsh!t), then America will have all of Iran’s oil too and American companeis would built the pipeline on our lands, Shell gas stations in out neighbourhoods and India, Pak would become its perfect markets! Everybody is happy – right!! Now big brother is getting pissed – for all the good reasons and sh!t will hit the fan!!!

India is getting ready for Iran-Pak-India gas pipeline project – This deal does not fit the bigger American plan! Though this news may be music to many ears, what happened to Desi-Paki puppets dance on the American country music tunes! Traditionally, in our part of the world politicians trade national interests for power quicker than the prostitutes trade their flash for money. This project has been in discussions for decades but nothing materialized simple because India and Pakistan were busy kicking each other’s balls!

If this project materializes, it can bring these nations together and can be as important as out historic trade routes – America for sure won’t like to see that happen!

An inforamtive article about India’s oil demand & supply

America has not been happy about all this, India has not buzzed so far!

As soon as some proxy peace (hey if there can be proxy war, there can be proxy peace too!) India offered to sell diesel to Pakistan on discounted price, this is a big diplomatic initiative. Finally, a well awaited the recent google news which inspired this post

Is this possible? Can we do this? If we fail to materialize this project and USA ends up doing what we want to do on our own – It would give us one more reason to hate USA and that’s about it, we will end up becoming a market instead of a project partner. I am afraid that may happen!