Thursday, May 26, 2005


Truth and fact, perspective and reality, hope and denial, justice and revenge; I can keep going. Things are not what they appear to be.

Comfort zones, that’s what we create; Rational comfort zones, we kind of prefabricate them for our own ease. I go ahead and have fun pretending to philosophize, nothing but rearranging the words, sometimes wondering how easy it is to use words as tools to create "social comfort zones". Simple renaming does miracles, when gambling becomes gaming the associated sense of guilt fades away.

If I was a novelist I could have written something with the title “Let them die in their comfort zone(s)” – I think it’s a fun title. To me “Let them live in their comfort zone(s)” is a more sinful thought – it does not feel good on many levels - what if they live forever! Or perhaps it is my hidden sadistic side, which would not like to see them in their comfort zone, mind plays its trick and I feel better violating the zone! Its fun to bullshit like this!!

Pushing buttons is what it is called. Purpose? Making them uncomfortable about something? Not really, the real purpose is to get some attention. Why analyze? It is quite simple actually.

“Let the die in their comfort zone” is for sure a better title for a book – leave them alone till death. Leave them with their perspectives, with their hopes and with their prejudices. Know in your heart that finally they will be free – in a natural course, sometime on the timeline – without knowing the difference or its knowledge.

I know this is quite impressionistic; I have had my fare share of realism for the day anyways! f@#* This one is the worst ever!


Kalicharan said...

probably one of the best you have written so far.

venus kesari said...

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